Who are our members?

The New York Center’s members reflect the diversity and energy of New York itself. We are managers, consultants, mental health professionals, educators, community leaders, business owners, leadership experts, and, ultimately, students. AND, our membership extends well beyond the bounds of New York City, incorporating members from Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington, Tel Aviv, and Belgium!



NY Center member Timothy Gatlin was recently promoted to Lt. Col in the United States Army. Tim is a long-standing member of the group relations community, and the NY Center is proud to know him, support him, and call him a ‘friend.’ NY Center president Howard...


NY Center members Dr. Ellen Short and Dr. Leo Wilton are proud to announce the release of their new book entitled “Talking About Structural Inequalities in Everyday Life: New Politics of Race in Groups, Organizations, and Social Systems.”

The New York Center is an affiliate of the A.K.Rice Institute, educational organizations for Group Relations in the North America

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